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About Me

I've always struggled with low self-esteem and confidence. I was always underweight growing up, and then was overweight in my early twenties – I think we all know that about the university lifestyle! – so I know how it feels. When someone made a joke about my weight one day, I decided things had to change.

Gyms can be daunting to some people, they certainly were for me. I didn’t want to go into a gym and feel like everyone was staring at me, so that night I ordered some gym equipment, set it up in my garage and began training every day over the summer of 2012. Before long, I'd fallen in love with diet, training and the results.

I kept pushing myself harder until I'd completely changed the way I looked and most importantly, the way I see myself. Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel fit and healthy and I realised I wanted everyone who struggles with low self-esteem and confidence because of weight issues to know they can change. I knew I could help them achieve that and that’s why I decided to become a Personal Trainer.​

So, this is me. I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer who offers a full selection of services ranging from one-to-one sessions (in-house or mobile), summer body packages, classes, bespoke workout plans and diet and nutrition advice.  


Personal training is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. To see the confidence building in my clients when they see themselves losing fat, gaining muscle, and getting stronger is second to none.


If you want to make changes but don't want to join a gym, I can work around your schedule – you have no excuses!

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